At Sandher Fruit Packers, we’re serious about food safety. We take every precaution that’s required, and then we go beyond it.

Food Safety Initiatives

Sandher Fruit Packers exceeds industry standards for food safety, as safe food production is a responsibility we take seriously. We welcome routine audits of our facility, maintain thorough records of our fruit, and participate in food safety certification programs that help guarantee fruit safety.

We are CanadaGAP certified, which is a reflection of our commitment to following Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) when producing and packaging our fruits. CanadaGAP is a voluntary certification program that requires participants to pass a food safety audit performed by an independent certification body.

Extensive Training

Safety always starts with people. From our fruit pickers to our technology operators, every employee at Sandher Fruit Packers is responsible for safe practices. These practices protect our employees, communities, and families who enjoy our fruit.

We ensure every person who works at Sandher Fruit Packers is correctly trained in their role and all the safety protocols that go along with it. More importantly, we ensure our team understands the importance of those safety protocols and their role in maintaining food integrity.

Cherry Safety

Our two Unitec cherry lines with Cherry Vision 3.0 help us ensure only healthy, high-quality cherries leave our facilities. Every cherry is washed in a bath to remove natural contaminants and handled following safe food guidelines.

Cherry Vision allows our team to see inside every piece of fruit we collect and examine it for freshness and quality. Our technology automatically detects common cherry problems, including:

  • Bruises
  • Decay
  • Cracks
  • Scars
  • Shriveling
  • Sunburns
  • Overripe

We prevent any cherries with natural defects from leaving our doors, so only the best quality fruit reaches your local store. Every fruit we process is cleaned and then packaged in food-safe containers. The result is world-class cherries that are clean, safe, and undeniably delicious.

Apple Safety

Our team uses powerful technology that helps us choose the best apples for your family. We’ve invested in Unitec’s four-lane commit to pack apple line to help ensure the safety of every apple we’ve grown. It can detect the color, shape, size, and quality of every apple we pick.

The equipment automatically filters out apples with internal or external defects, including scabs and scars, wounds, decay, and bruises. It also identifies and removes apples that don’t meet our high food quality standards. Every apple we ship is brushed, washed, and carefully packaged, providing you with premium BC apples that are clean and ready to eat.

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