Fruit Packing Technology


Sander Fruit Packers has invested in high-tech cleaning, sorting, and packing machines. Our fruit packing technology helps us deliver the highest quality fruit possible.

Cleaning, Sorting & Packing

We clean, sort, and pack every piece of fruit that leaves our family orchards. We employ state-of-the-art technology and dedicated staff members to ensure every apple and cherry meets our high standards.

Our ownership of the entire process is key to providing superior quality fruit. We have full control over our farms, facilities, and operations, and oversee our fruit every step of its journey—from our orchards’ trees to your local store shelf. You can taste the difference in our quality assurance process.

Advanced Equipment

Our family has invested in state-of-the-art technology to help clean, sort, and pack every piece of fruit we grow. Our equipment allows us to ensure only the best quality fruit is delivered to our customers. For example, our Unitec cherry and apple lines utilize technology that can see defects inside the fruit that are impossible to detect from the outside.

Our equipment is supported by experienced operators, who ensure the technology runs smoothly and add a human perspective to our quality assurance processes. When industry-leading technology and talented people carefully inspect our fruit, we know only premium cherries and apples will make it to your local store.

UNITEC cherry packing line
sandher fruit packing facilities

Top Quality Storage

After our fruit is harvested, cleaned, and sorted, it needs to be stored. Proper storage ensures our fruit is always safe and delicious and ready to be enjoyed at your leisure. 

Our operation features 26 controlled atmosphere apple storage rooms, which use reduced oxygen and increased carbon to prevent apples from ripening too quickly. Controlled atmosphere technology is the reason people can enjoy crisp, locally grown apples every day of the year.

Food Safety

Sandher Fruit Packers’ state-of-the-art facility not only helps the best quality fruit make it to customers, but it ensures the safety of our product. Children and families enjoy our fruits across the globe, and that’s a responsibility we take seriously. We invite you to learn more about our food safety practices.

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