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The Sandher family and their employees have worked in the fields of BC’s interior for decades, learning about the land and refining their agricultural practices over time. Sandher Fruit Packers’ high-quality fruits are a result of experience, hard work, and perseverance.

Our Humble History

Sandher Fruit Packers’ story begins almost four decades ago when Bill Sandher immigrated to BC with his brother and father. The men were in search of a better economic opportunity that just wasn’t available back home in India, no matter how hard they worked.

The three Sandhers were sponsored by Bill’s older sister, who was already a Canadian citizen and saw the potential for a better future in British Columbia. We now know that she was right, but the Sandhers’ future success wasn’t so apparent back in 1987.

 At 18 years old, Bill entered the agricultural industry with his family. He started as a fruit picker, moving throughout the interior to harvest various fruits at farms that needed extra help. The hours were long, and the work was hard.

Those who have picked fruit know it’s a demanding job that challenges workers physically and mentally. Bill and the Sandhers struggled at times but those formative years in agriculture became the backbone of the Sandher Fruit Packers empire that exists today.

In 1989, Bill and his brothers were given the opportunity to lease land and grow apples on an established field. Although they felt lucky and grateful for the chance to operate their own orchard, the work continued to be hard. The orchard wasn’t performing to its peak potential, and the Sandher brothers occasionally considered leaving agriculture behind for good.

The orchard flourished, and the Sandhers saw many successes in the years that followed. First, they purchased the land the orchard was on. Then, over time, they expanded their operations to include cherries, new orchards, and state-of-the-art fruit packing facilities.

The Sandher family has spent the last 30+ years building their business into the global operation it is today. Bill Sandher, joined by his wife Sukhi, along with his sons Gurtaj and Prabtaj, now grow dozens of varieties of apples and cherries and process them in their state-of-the-art facility.

fruit packing vehicle in orchard

Quality Fruit, Homegrown With Care

The Sandher fruit you enjoy today took decades to get just right. The Sandhers worked hard to grow the best apples and cherries in the Okanagan, and continue to improve their processes and products to deliver the best fruit possible.

Quality is essential, and the Sandher family knows high standards must be maintained during every step of a fruit’s journey. To achieve a high level of quality control, Sandher Fruit Packers uses vertical integration.

Vertical integration means Sandher Fruit Packers owns the entire fruit process—start to finish. From the moment the fruit tree is planted until the day our fruit lands on your grocery store shelf, our family is present. We grow, harvest, clean, sort, pack, ship, and market our products to ensure their quality is never compromised.

 We believe quality is the most important detail in any fruit business and we’re never willing to compromise on it. You can rest assured that great care and attention goes into every single apple and cherry our family shares with yours.

Vertical Integration

We own the entire fruit growing and packaging process from start to finish. Our complete ownership from top to bottom ensures your family can choose delicious, high-quality fruit at your local store. Sandher Fruit Packers controls the farms, fruit, and facilities behind your favourite BC apples and cherries.

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